Your Personal Journey within a Circle

 The stone circles of ancient times are built of stones standing tall and powerful. They have stood there for centuries in all weather - rain, storm, hail and glaring sun. Each stone stands by itself, within the circle. They stand together, yet not too near, like the pillars of a temple. They resonate together only by standing in unity and uniqueness.

The Sounding Stones Circle is for those who desire an intense program of expansion and guidance from Oona Soleil Fergusson on their personal journey within a strong circle. Your intention, when becoming a part of the Sounding Stones Circle must be to walk a path of self-development, expansion and empowerment. Everyone has different goals and a unique potential. If your desire is to get to know yourself, and move into your potential and you are ready to commit yourself to this path, then I encourage you to apply.

The commitment you make is to yourself. Your path is an individual path, discussed and developed with my guidance. In a yearly personal meeting with me we look at your path and goals. Your questions and thoughts are always welcome. Night-school is part of the journey. The OI training and Emotions course are fundamental to the work.

The path can be started twice a year, either on January 1 or July 1. The Sounding Stones Circle holds a telephone conference of about an hour once a month on a variety of mind expanding topics. The date is set around the new moon and thus the weekday for the conference changes throughout the year.

There is a yearly fee of 425.- Euro. To apply to the circle or for more information please send an email to                 TEL: +49 (0) 8032 - 98 999 05