Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.

Cream rises only in connection with milk. 

It's not about being better, it is about thriving in your uniqueness.

Allow others to love you.

There are no secrets.

Wanting to help others makes us part of the drama.

When we are angry there may well be something we don't understand.

Allow not confusion. Allow only coherence.

There is no need to fix anything.

By worrying too much you might miss your plane.

Shit happens. It may feel like shit, but it really is fertilizer.

Always have something to look forward to.

You are not your body, not your feelings, not your mind. You are a life force born to blossom with all its might. 

When we depend on sunshine to make us happy, we lack the inner sunshine.

What are you waiting for? Life begins now.

The more pain I can accept, the stronger I am.

The feeling is not the problem. What we do with the feeling is what makes the difference.

To feel at home, weave yourself into the fabric of universal consciousness.

I am not a stick in the ocean. I am the ocean.

Labor pains are part of creation. Surrendering to the process allows for an orgasmic birthing. 

The more secrets I carry the lonelier I am.

When it becomes too painful, expand your capacity.

When we think of something as 'cute' we cannot see its power.

When we talk, maybe people will listen. When we master teaching, people get it. 

Compassion begins to unfold within us, when we take the charge out of our emotions. It is then that our pure feelings rise.

I am the prayer.

Compassion is beyond judgment. It is the field of oneness and the space of consciousness.

Surrender the idea of you being limited - to being that immense being you truly are. Surrender to your full presence.

In the end all that is left is love. (A realization upon the very moment of her mother's passing).

by Oona Soleil

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