Elephant was having a grand old time. He was splashing in the river, rubbing against his brother, wiggling his fat bottom, flapping his huge ears in the wind and using his trunk to cuddle with his friends and spray them with water. 

Then Elephant saw with his eyes how beautiful Giraffe is. Tall and slender with such an alluring long neck. Giraffe could see from way up high across the land. Giraffe had an elegant touch to her walk with her delicate legs. Giraffe had a pretty pattern on her skin, and Giraffe held her head high. Oh - but to be a Giraffe. 

Elephant started tip-toeing across the savanna and Elephant started to stretch his head. He did his very best to hold his head high. He did his utmost to walk in an ever so elegant style.

Elephant was practicing looking delightfully beautiful, gorgeously elegant. 

How much Elephant wanted everyone to see how well he was doing, how hard he was practicing, how wonderful his attainments were. Giraffe didn't really notice, or care. The other elephants laughed. And they felt uncomfortable around him. 

Elephant was trying so very, very hard, but he was becoming lonesome. So Elephant wandered off into the town to be with new people, people who would understand him and respect him. Soon though Elephant felt as though he were in a porcelain store. Nothing felt right. He wasn't thriving and blossoming as h had imagined. No. Instead everything  - his whole life - seemed to fall to pieces. 

Elephant was in the wrong place. 

Elephant's grief was deep. He cried and cried curled up, all by himself. He cried so hard his heart was aching. 

A-thump, a-thump, a-thump, a-thump. Oh how it hurt.

His heart was calling. He listened: A-thump, a-thump, a-thump, a-thump

This was a sound Elephant new, this was the sound he was born with, the sound of life. It was calling him home. Home to himself. Elephant was going home. Joy flooded him. And Elephant learnt to see, not with his eyes, but with his heart. 

Elephant saw the strength he was born with,  able to carry heavy weights. Elephant saw how good his memory is. Elephant saw how well he could communicate, how beautiful his tusks are and how compassionate he could be.

Elephant saw the beauty of his own power. And Elephant felt the power of being himself run through his veins - a-thump, a-thump, a-thump, a-thump.

                                                                                                                                     by Oona Soleil

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