Based on universal knowledge and in accordance with all concerned, Oona leads Ceremonies for the great passages in life: Welcoming new souls into the world, name-giving ceremonies, puberty rites, wedding ceremonies, passing on to the other side. A sacred space is created where the ceremony takes place. Transformation happens with the support of the forces that be in the interest of the highest good of all. 

Harvest Moon Youthing Ceremony 

According to ancient knowledge from deep within the heart of Africa, once a year, on the harvest moon, there is a magic moment in time when the energies of the moon and earth meet in a way that youthing is possible. This ancient knowledge has been passed down from master-teacher to student. During this sacred ceremony a space is created where we access the flow of time. 

First Moon Celebration 

A celebration of the first menstruation and its association with feminine power. This ritual eases the transition from child to woman. We pass on the joys and secrets of womanhood and welcome the young women into our circle. 

Death Ceremonies

These ancient ceremonies of South America ease the transition of the soul from the physical body to the light. During the death process emotions are intensified. Painful memories, the confusing situation of the dying person and the grief of family members and friends contribute to the intense emotional situation. The death rituals create an oasis of peace in which everyone can find comfort and consolation during the transformation. 

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