Fundamental to Oona's work are the expansion of our consciousness and the awareness and mastering of our perception. Techniques are an outward expression of inner possibilities. It is the conveyed energies that create the effect.

Light Language - Sacred Geometry 

These teachings have been passed down from master teacher to student along an ancient and little known lineage of Mexican Curanderos. Shapes and colors from the level of perfect concepts are combined and sent out on a specific frequency. This powerful way of communication changes our reality, our life. Lightlanguage travels at an enormously high frequency and breaks through our patterns. In Lightlanguage I we shape now-time, in Lightlanguage II we shape linear time and in Lightlanguage III we shape vertical time. We become co-creators of our world. 


We raise our energies to levels where the impossible becomes possible. Firewalking, glaswalking, Arrow breaking are extreme spiritual experiences of empowerment, once kept for people of high spiritual rank such as druids, priests and shamans.


Resonance is used in many different ways. Examples are: 

- Resonance with beings from other dimensions
- Resonance with other people
- Resonance with animals, plants and minerals.

This seminar introduces us to communication without words - listening and speaking, receiving and sending. We will begin to connect with the world around us in a new way, enabling us to have a deeper understanding.    



Anger, Fear, Grief and Joy - we all know these emotions. How do we deal with them? How do we use these powerful emotions in a good way? Emotions are wonderful sources of energy, which, when used masterfully, open the gates to an enormously powerful life. More...

Inner Journey

You will be supported in a way that will enable you to go deep within - engulfed by the safety and comfort of Mother Nature. A fire ceremony will send us on our way to finding our place, our silence, our depth, and our own immensity in the depth of the universe. And when we resurface, our realisation of who we are and our connection to our world will flow forth.


During these highly intensive two weeks we draw on the broad range of Oona's teachings and wisdom. Celtic Wisdom, Healing, initiations, fire walking, guest teachers, surprises, empowerment, sweatlodge, walking on glass, music, the beyond, the impossible - two extreme weeks that will change your life forever.


Initiations take us to a new level. It is an accelerated way of learning. Guided by Spirit initiations are woven together to create a new way of being. 

Soul Pulling 

Integration of energies lost during past traumas so as to become whole again. 

Entity Removal 

Releasing attached energies and earthbound souls into the light - a quick and highly effective method. 


According to a lineage of curanderos of Mexico there are distinct dimensions or energetic spaces where extraordinary energetic states become accessible to  us. In the seventh, eighth and ninth dimensions we have access to perceiving auras, past lives and spirit guides. Through initiation and intention we learn to create and enter these energetic spaces consciously.                 TEL: +49 (0) 8032 - 98 999 05