Oona Soleil Fergusson was born to a Swiss mother and a Scottish father. Her passion has always been to explore the mystery of our existence in this world. Throughout her life she has been a global nomad, living and working in many countries. 

Oona has studied and worked with many of the powerful spiritual traditions from around the world, including Aztec, Mayan, Eskimo and Celtic cultures. She is a medicine woman in the 24th generation after Xotchel Almenda, Firewalker of the Fire Tribe and WisdomKeeper with an Angakoq – a Shaman from the Far North.

She has walked on fire and on shards of glass. She has sat on mountaintops in the Arctic on vision quest and journeyed on dogsleds in snow storms led by hunters in one of the remotest and harshest places on earth. She has smoked the peace pipe in North American Sweatlodges, has sat in peace ceremonies deep in the Amazon Jungle with Shamans and taught in yurts in Siberia.

Oona teaches us how to use the powers of our mind, heart and body to achieve higher states of consciousness, peace and love. Her pragmatic approach to teaching enables us to apply the ancient wisdom and knowledge directly to our everyday life.

Oona has a degree in mathematics, physics and chemistry. She is also a fully certificated rapid transformational hypnotherapist and an executive firewalking instructor. 

Her home is on the West Coast of Scotland.

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