These guided meditations have been created to help you achieve success in all aspects of your life, whether it is health, finances, projects or relationships.  Each meditation is accompanied by carefully selected binaural beats that resonate with your brain waves. Through listening to binaural beats, intuition is increased and the subconscious mind can be accessed.


The binaural beats used in these meditations include both theta waves and alpha waves. Theta waves enhance your physical healing. They induce a deep restful sleep and give a sense of inner peace. Alpha waves create a state of mind that is open to suggestion and imagery. These waves reduce stress and greatly enhance learning.

 CD 1


The Mind – clears unpleasant issues from your mind and releases thoughts that go around and around in your head.  14:14

The Heart – clears heavy and paralyzing emotions from your heart. 13:61

The Body – connects your consciousness with your physical body to enhance balance and health in your body. 18:61

Presence – combines the mind, the heart and the body for enhanced awareness and a powerful cleansing on all levels of your being. 23:46


CD 2

Introduction – 3:33

Success – Evening meditation. Listen to this meditation while falling asleep to achieve success in all aspects of your life – health, finances, business projects and relationships. 35:29

Evening meditation – Success music without words. 39:43

For best effects please use headphones. 


This Double CD is available both in English and in German

English SKOI CD 001 
German SKOI CD 002 

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"I’ve been listening to this CD I bought over a year ago. It is a perfect reminder and continuation to the training at OI, supporting me with your teachings when the journey becomes very challenging.”

“I have listend to many such CDs in my life time. This one is really good, masterfully spoken and intense in its effect”

“I love listening to your CD. I’ve been listening to it daily for 6 weeks now.”

"The Mind’ speaks directly to me in every way. Almost every sentence hits home with me and every word you speak sits perfectly. I often listen to the CD on flights, and also in the evenings before falling asleep. Oona, with the creation of this CD you have truly accomplished a great deed."

'Oona, your meditations are awesome! I listen to them during the day and also always in the evening before going to sleep. They are healing me in an inexplicable way. I would love to recommend this CD to others, if I may.'                 TEL: +49 (0) 8032 - 98 999 05