At the Women’s Fire

Women’s circles awaken and promote our female competence. Our female ancestors gathered together almost daily, be it around the women’s fire outside their huts, be it in the kitchen around the fire in the hearth, be it for preparations in the boudoir before a celebration, or in the comfort of a home with a cozy cup of tea. The energy field of women cherishes, nourishes and strengthens our womanhood.

In this course we go into resonance with our power as women, our power of creation and our womb, and we gently and magnificently change our perception of men.

Women’s circles free our men from playing the roles of best friend, mother, sister or daughter and enable the men to be wholly men in every respect. Women’s circles also free us women from inappropriate roles and allow us to take on phenomenal female roles. 


This course includes:    

Trust amongst women

Female spirituality

Being woman in the presence of men


Being cherished

Healing abuse

Our disposition


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