Dear friends,

For some time now people have approached me looking for a more intense way of walking the path with me.

Time and again, I have declined. I have no wish to create attachment. I wish to see people grow in their own power. I love to see people think for themselves, decide for themselves and feel their own emotions.

I am fully aware though, of the value of clear intention and strong commitment. There are unique possibilities in being closely connected to the energy field of a teacher. There is amazing strength, fun and love in walking together as a circle. I am now opening up to receiving those who wish to join the circle.
For this joint path there are three key principles of great importance to me:

  • Each person’s path, goals and potential are unique and therefore will be designed to align with the individual.
  • An intrinsic desire to learn, grow and change is essential.
  • Each individual’s commitment of walking this path is made to themselves.


The stone circles of ancient times are built of stones standing tall and powerful. They have stood there for centuries in all weather - rain, storm, hail and glaring sun. Each stone stands by itself, within the circle. They stand together, yet not too near, like the pillars of a temple. They resonate together only by standing in unity and uniqueness. 
Should you hear the calling, then this is the link for your first step.
I am looking forward to a joyful, strong, powerful and loving circle!
Oona Soleil

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