The Presence of Man and Woman


In this training you will receive a new understanding of male presence and female presence, of how our energies complement each other and how a relationship will feel complete. We resolve the confusion of our intimate relationships as well as our business and family relationships by taking a clear look at the essence of man and woman. We get to know and apply our male and female powers.

Stimulating the primal powers of our mind, our heart and our body is a powerful process. The highlight of our physical primal power is our presence – an immensely influential force. Like all our primal powers it can be suppressed, it can be abused and used in a destructive way - or it can guide us to blossoming and thriving in great beauty.

To use this power successfully we need to be sensitively aware and present in our physical being. The magic of polarity begins when our male and female presence is fully connected to our body.

Beltane is the Celtic fertility festival of life and joy. During the Mai training course we will celebrate the festival of Beltane at the fireside.

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