Dear Friends,

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OI is a highly intensive training course of life empowerment and will be taking place in the highlands of Scotland. These two extreme weeks will change your life. During the training course you will be immersed in energy of a level where the impossible becomes possible and where you can access access your personal power and the beyond.

The course includes:

  • Celtic ways
  • Empowerment 
  • Ceremonies
  • Initiations from ancient cultures
  • Fire walking
  • Healing modes               
  • Inner journeys
  • Recognizing your potential
  • Sweat lodge
  • Surprises
  • Glass walk
  • Resonance
  • Access to your personal power and the beyond
  • The impossible becomes possible
  • Samhain

The intent during and following the course is that you will recognize your unique potential and begin to live it.  You will become intensely connected to yourself and to the universe.

OI - Training
For more information and registration contact
Milena Raspotnig: 
Tel: +49 89 12013430
Repeating the OI – Training: Each OI – Training is different and each training has new content. 
A reduced fee is available for those repeating the training.       

In gratefulness,
Oona Soleil Fergusson

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More info and registration:
E-Mail: contact@oonasoleil.com
Tel: +49 89 12013430



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