How much can I influence my life? Does life just happen to me? Can I create my own life?

When we do not create our own life others might create it for us.

Oona's Journey to the Stars

Often in our lives we feel limited. There is though a level that is limitless, a level of perfect concepts. Creation takes place at this level. On this level we can use light language to co-create our lives.

These teachings have been passed down along an ancient and little known lineage of Mexican Curanderos. Shapes and colors from the level of perfect concepts are combined and sent out on a specific frequency. This powerful way of communication changes our reality, our life.

In Lightlanguage I we shape now-time, in Lightlanguage II we shape linear time and in Lightlanguage III we shape vertical time – our states of being. Through Light language we become co-creators of our reality. On this level of perception we focus on pure intention. We learn to shape our lives with high intergrity, clarity and insight.

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