We all, throughout our lives every so often receive new knowledge. We understand things in new ways and see new perspectives.

It is possible for us to consciously initiate new knowledge and wisdom. This is a very fast and intense way of reaching new levels. Initiations are an accelerated way of learning and expanding.

Firefeathers DDLH

In this course we look at Initiations from around the world. Each participant chooses up to twelve Initiations for the coming year according to their goals, their potential and their circumstances in life. In the course of the coming year you will be lifted to a new level of awareness. Our consciousness, our being, our knowledge and wisdom expand with momentous speed.

In past times a master teacher would pass only one initiation at a time down to the master student. In our accelerated times it is possible to receive up to twelve initiations per year.

Quotes from previous participants:

“With every year of new initiations I feel more and more complete.

“Initiations are the highlight of the year for me. I am becoming healthier. I behave in healthier ways.

“The initiations support me throughout the year. It feels comfortable and safe. 

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