This spiritual 
dogsled journey through a land of incredible beauty is an experience like no other. It takes us back in time to the roots of our species and a deep place within us.



The ice-intensive with Oona takes place in a culture that is thousands of years old. We will get to know the ancient ways and wisdom of the people of the North and prepare ourselves for a four day spiritual quest with dogsleds through the vast, white world of the polar bear. As we connect to the universe we find peace with the natural forces within and around us. We hear the inner silence and recognise the ancient wisdom of the ice. The exterior stimulation of our senses is primal and pure. The healing experience is immense.

All room and board, sleeping bag with mattress, tent, thermos bottle, camping-utensils, outer clothing, winter-boots, travel from Reykjavik are supplied.

Iceland Option
If you want to spend a few extra days in Iceland and relax in the Blue Lagoon or visit Reykjavik we are happy to help you with hotel bookings. On 
Monday, March 3, 2014 we offer the option of a one-day excursion to Thingvellir, the most sacred site of Iceland and a UNESCO world cultural heritage site. We will also visit the waterfall Gullfloss and the Geysirs of Haukadalur.


Our next journey is planned for April 6 - 16, 2016

Do let us know if you are interested. The number of spaces is very limited!

For further information please contact us:
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