Regaining your Personal Power:

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Every day throughout our lives we are confronted with the emotions of others - anger, fear, grief or joy. Unchecked, these influences can control us and distract us from our own goals, both in our personal and our working lives. This 3-day intensive theoretical and practical training teaches how to identify these emotional situations and deal with them effectively. 

The training includes the following elements:

  • A clearer understanding of our own emotional responses to everyday situations
  • How to identify the emotional influences that other people try to exert on us
  • How to respond effectively to real-life emotional situations at work and at home
  • How to focus positive emotional energy to achieve our own personal goals and potential
  • Practise in a group setting

The underlying theory of human emotions is covered on the first morning of the course. The rest of the training is practical in nature and enables all participants to practise taking control of a variety of emotional situations.

Quotes from previous participants:

“I was really surprised by the understanding that the course gave me about myself and how much of my life was previously being controlled by others. By understanding my own emotional responses to the games played by other people in my life, I now have a choice of how I react to them.”

“The confidence I have gained from the course has increased my energy and focus in everything that I do. I am no longer being distracted from what it is that I really want to achieve in my life.”

"I had never previously thought in detail about the way that I and other people use emotions to manipulate each other. The workshop was a revelation to me in how much of my time and effort I was spending trying to please others. The practical sessions were a brilliant way to learn how to exert my own authority in a very natural manner.”

“I was worried that if I became more assertive people wouldn’t like me as much. Actually the opposite has been true."

"Thank you, this course has really helped me to take some difficult decisions in my life. People at work now respect me and I am now enjoying what I do.”

“Learning to identify and manage the emotions of others as well as my own has been hugely beneficial in both my home and working life. I have hugely increased confidence to see situations for what they really are and move quickly through them into a positive outcome for both me, my work colleagues and those close to me.”

“Thanks to this Seminar I was finally able to fulfil my dream and gain my independence. Fear no longer controls me."

“I now have the courage to express my feelings. I know how to do this in a safe way. My relationships with others have become more loving and fulfilling.


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