The Cosmic Woman

Sexual powers are powers of creation. They are energies connecting us to the cosmos. All creation, and especially the creation of life itself, flows from this cosmic power. In this course we awaken the flow of these cosmic powers.

Ancient wisdom by women for women is part of this course and includes knowledge about our moontime, pregnancy, birth and menopause. 

Ancient women’s wisdom is part of this course and includes knowledge about our meantime, pregnancy, birth and menopause.

This course builds on ‘The Women’s Fire’ and is geared to women who want to let their sexuality flow as a cosmic force. The course begins during ‘The Women’s Fire’ and carries on for seven weeks during which we meet once a week on a phone conference to have questions answered, be introduced to new exercises, exchange experiences and receive support.

The significant work happens at home and a daily practice of about one hour is essential to your success. This time is a gift to yourself. We open this gift slowly over the weeks and take joy in the treasures and wonders lying deep within ourselves - at the gate to the cosmos in the uterus. The source within and Source without become one. 

This course is for women who are ready and able to dedicate daily practice to this work. Be ready for strong emotions and deep experiences during this course. 



Activation of neural pathways

Cultivation of life source energy

Awakening of sexual organs

Strengthening of vaginal musculature

Jade egg and magic pouch

Healing of deep subconscious traumas

Heart connection to sexuality

Revival of the fountain of youth, joy and vitality 

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