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The Cosmic Woman

Sexual powers are powers of creation. They are energies connecting us to the cosmos. All creation, and especially the creation of life itself, flows from this cosmic power. In this course we awaken the flow of these cosmic powers.

Ancient wisdom by women for women is part of this course and includes knowledge about our moontime, pregnancy, birth and menopause. 

Ancient women’s wisdom is part of this course and includes knowledge about our meantime, pregnancy, birth and menopause.

This course builds on ‘The Women’s Fire’ and is geared to women who want to let their sexuality flow as a cosmic force. The course begins during ‘The Women’s Fire’ and carries on for seven weeks during which we meet once a week on a phone conference to have questions answered, be introduced to new exercises, exchange experiences and receive support.

The significant work happens at home and a daily practice of about one hour is essential to your success. This time is a gift to yourself. We open this gift slowly over the weeks and take joy in the treasures and wonders lying deep within ourselves - at the gate to the cosmos in the uterus. The source within and Source without become one. 

This course is for women who are ready and able to dedicate daily practice to this work. Be ready for strong emotions and deep experiences during this course. 



Activation of neural pathways

Cultivation of life source energy

Awakening of sexual organs

Strengthening of vaginal musculature

Jade egg and magic pouch

Healing of deep subconscious traumas

Heart connection to sexuality

Revival of the fountain of youth, joy and vitality 

Arousal of you as cosmic woman



At the Women’s Fire

Women’s circles awaken and promote our female competence. Our female ancestors gathered together almost daily, be it around the women’s fire outside their huts, be it in the kitchen around the fire in the hearth, be it for preparations in the boudoir before a celebration, or in the comfort of a home with a cozy cup of tea. The energy field of women cherishes, nourishes and strengthens our womanhood.

In this course we go into resonance with our power as women, our power of creation and our womb, and we gently and magnificently change our perception of men.

Women’s circles free our men from playing the roles of best friend, mother, sister or daughter and enable the men to be wholly men in every respect. Women’s circles also free us women from inappropriate roles and allow us to take on phenomenal female roles. 


This course includes:    

Trust amongst women

Female spirituality

Being woman in the presence of men


Being cherished

Healing abuse

Our disposition


Resonance, pain and joy amongst women


How much can I influence my life? Does life just happen to me? Can I create my own life?

When we do not create our own life others might create it for us.

Oona's Journey to the Stars

Often in our lives we feel limited. There is though a level that is limitless, a level of perfect concepts. Creation takes place at this level. On this level we can use light language to co-create our lives.

These teachings have been passed down along an ancient and little known lineage of Mexican Curanderos. Shapes and colors from the level of perfect concepts are combined and sent out on a specific frequency. This powerful way of communication changes our reality, our life.

In Lightlanguage I we shape now-time, in Lightlanguage II we shape linear time and in Lightlanguage III we shape vertical time – our states of being. Through Light language we become co-creators of our reality. On this level of perception we focus on pure intention. We learn to shape our lives with high intergrity, clarity and insight.



cup of kindness


Harvest Moon Youthing Ceremony 


Some people seem to age more rapidly than others. Some people stay healthy and young for ages.

According to ancient knowledge from deep within the heart of Africa, once a year, at the time of the harvest moon, there is a magical moment in time when the energies of the moon and earth meet in a way that youthing is possible. Some elements of the ceremony resonate with our knowledge  of teachings from the far East and of healing methods of the North. 

During this evening, as the full moon shines upon us, we will celebrate with drums and rattles by the fire. During this intense and healing ceremony our body will remember its original and healthy state.



We all, throughout our lives every so often receive new knowledge. We understand things in new ways and see new perspectives.

It is possible for us to consciously initiate new knowledge and wisdom. This is a very fast and intense way of reaching new levels. Initiations are an accelerated way of learning and expanding.

Firefeathers DDLH

In this course we look at Initiations from around the world. Each participant chooses up to twelve Initiations for the coming year according to their goals, their potential and their circumstances in life. In the course of the coming year you will be lifted to a new level of awareness. Our consciousness, our being, our knowledge and wisdom expand with momentous speed.

In past times a master teacher would pass only one initiation at a time down to the master student. In our accelerated times it is possible to receive up to twelve initiations per year.

Quotes from previous participants:

“With every year of new initiations I feel more and more complete.

“Initiations are the highlight of the year for me. I am becoming healthier. I behave in healthier ways.

“The initiations support me throughout the year. It feels comfortable and safe. 



Oona:Altar small

So often we live the life others expect us to live. We hardly dare to express who we are or how we feel. 

Our Inner Journey will take place outside in Nature. As we prepare ourselves for this journey, determining our goals and bringing our destination into focus, we open spaces of connection to the sacred places within. Where will you go? Who will you be? How will you change in life? 

You will spend the night outside, supported by the safety and comfort of Mother Nature. You will find your place, your depth and your connection to the world. A fire ceremony will send you on your way into the night. You will resurface with the sun at dawn and with a brighter knowing of yourself, ready to celebrate your awakening, closer to living the life you want to live.



Dear Friends,

Scotland Heather:small

OI is a highly intensive training course of life empowerment and will be taking place in the highlands of Scotland. These two extreme weeks will change your life. During the training course you will be immersed in energy of a level where the impossible becomes possible and where you can access access your personal power and the beyond.

The course includes:

  • Celtic ways
  • Empowerment 
  • Ceremonies
  • Initiations from ancient cultures
  • Fire walking
  • Healing modes               
  • Inner journeys
  • Recognizing your potential
  • Sweat lodge
  • Surprises
  • Glass walk
  • Resonance
  • Access to your personal power and the beyond
  • The impossible becomes possible
  • Samhain

The intent during and following the course is that you will recognize your unique potential and begin to live it.  You will become intensely connected to yourself and to the universe.

OI - Training
For more information and registration contact
Milena Raspotnig: 
Tel: +49 89 12013430
Repeating the OI – Training: Each OI – Training is different and each training has new content. 
A reduced fee is available for those repeating the training.       

In gratefulness,
Oona Soleil Fergusson

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More info and registration:
Tel: +49 89 12013430




An extraordinary gathering of Shamans took place in Tuva, Siberia from July 19 - July 27, 2014 - 'The call of 13 Shamans'. Tuva lies in the heart of Asia bordering on Mongolia and is considered the cradle of Shamanism. 


I received the great honour of being invited to teach shamanic master classes at this gathering in Siberia and travelled there with a group of assistants and students. 

Druid 3 free

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The Presence of Man and Woman


In this training you will receive a new understanding of male presence and female presence, of how our energies complement each other and how a relationship will feel complete. We resolve the confusion of our intimate relationships as well as our business and family relationships by taking a clear look at the essence of man and woman. We get to know and apply our male and female powers.

Stimulating the primal powers of our mind, our heart and our body is a powerful process. The highlight of our physical primal power is our presence – an immensely influential force. Like all our primal powers it can be suppressed, it can be abused and used in a destructive way - or it can guide us to blossoming and thriving in great beauty.

To use this power successfully we need to be sensitively aware and present in our physical being. The magic of polarity begins when our male and female presence is fully connected to our body.

Beltane is the Celtic fertility festival of life and joy. During the Mai training course we will celebrate the festival of Beltane at the fireside.



Regaining your Personal Power:

Waves small

Every day throughout our lives we are confronted with the emotions of others - anger, fear, grief or joy. Unchecked, these influences can control us and distract us from our own goals, both in our personal and our working lives. This 3-day intensive theoretical and practical training teaches how to identify these emotional situations and deal with them effectively. 

The training includes the following elements:

  • A clearer understanding of our own emotional responses to everyday situations
  • How to identify the emotional influences that other people try to exert on us
  • How to respond effectively to real-life emotional situations at work and at home
  • How to focus positive emotional energy to achieve our own personal goals and potential
  • Practise in a group setting

The underlying theory of human emotions is covered on the first morning of the course. The rest of the training is practical in nature and enables all participants to practise taking control of a variety of emotional situations.

Quotes from previous participants:

“I was really surprised by the understanding that the course gave me about myself and how much of my life was previously being controlled by others. By understanding my own emotional responses to the games played by other people in my life, I now have a choice of how I react to them.”

“The confidence I have gained from the course has increased my energy and focus in everything that I do. I am no longer being distracted from what it is that I really want to achieve in my life.”

"I had never previously thought in detail about the way that I and other people use emotions to manipulate each other. The workshop was a revelation to me in how much of my time and effort I was spending trying to please others. The practical sessions were a brilliant way to learn how to exert my own authority in a very natural manner.”

“I was worried that if I became more assertive people wouldn’t like me as much. Actually the opposite has been true."

"Thank you, this course has really helped me to take some difficult decisions in my life. People at work now respect me and I am now enjoying what I do.”

“Learning to identify and manage the emotions of others as well as my own has been hugely beneficial in both my home and working life. I have hugely increased confidence to see situations for what they really are and move quickly through them into a positive outcome for both me, my work colleagues and those close to me.”

“Thanks to this Seminar I was finally able to fulfil my dream and gain my independence. Fear no longer controls me."

“I now have the courage to express my feelings. I know how to do this in a safe way. My relationships with others have become more loving and fulfilling.

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